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VW Camper with Porsche Wheels

A VW Camper Van with Retro Porsche Alloy Wheels fitted.

The most important thing on any VW Camper Van is the wheels, without them it wouldn't be going anywhere! On the VW Camper Scene you will find a huge range of wheels fitted from Refurbished Standard Wheels to Massive Alloy Wheels fitted on slammed Vans.

As standard the VW Camper Van has two different fitments which are 5 Stud Wide (PCD is 5/205) and 5 Stud Narrow (PCD is 5/112) so before you start looking to buy wheels you need to check which fitment you have and then do some research into whether you will need spacers or a fitment kit to be able to fit your desired wheels onto your Van.

A very common thing to do with VW Camper Vans is to fit Porsche Wheels as the fitment is not too different and the general retro style of the wheels look amazing on VW Camper Vans with lowered suspension. All that is needed for this is an adapter kit that will make the 5/130 sizez Porsche wheels fit on your VW Camper Van.

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