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Adjustable McPherson Struts are fully height adjustable and feature dual progressive springs for comfort as well as handling performance.

The original VW Camper Suspension came in two different flavours depending on which type of Van you had. The Split Screen VW Camper Van came with a Swing Axle Rear Suspension setup where as the newer models such as the Bay Window Van had half-shaft axles fitted. This raised the standard height of the vehicle without the insane change of camber of the Swing Axle system that was taken from the early Beetle.

As well as being able to buy standard ride height suspension, there is a massive range of kits to lower your van from the top brands such as McPherson and Spax. When lowering your VW Camper Van you have to think about things like wheel size (will they rub?), ground clearance (will your van scrape along the floor, or not be able to get over speed bumps?) and van weight (the more you have in the van, the lower it will be).

If you would like better handling performance then you can buy a selection of items such as Axle Beams, Anti Roll Bars, Coilovers, Uprated Shocks and Uprated springs. All of which will go towards to improving the handling or your VW Camper Van but as with any performance suspension, you usually have to sacrifice comfort to go towards performance!

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