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Clear Rear Light Lenses are widely available to make your Van look original!

If you are restoring your VW Camper Van then one vital thing before it will be allowed on the road is lighting. Whether it is standard of aftermarket you are going to need headlights, indicators, brake lights and a reverse light to make it road legal.

If you are restoring and everything else is going to be brand new and shiny then why bother keeping the old, tatty lights that can be made to lookas good as new with replacement lenses.

If you are importing a VW Camper Van then you will need to check on the head lights that come with it. For example, some US import vans have a standard R7014 7" sealed beam unit fitted but to be road legal in the UK they will need to be brighter to be at the MOT standard. You can buy kits that come with Halogen Units and Xenon Bulb which are very bright.

As with many other car models you can buy different colour rear lenses. If you have a dark coloured VW Camper Van you can give it the dark and mysterious look by fitting some smoked rear lenses to your van but if you have a light coloured Van then you could fit some clear rear lenses which will give it a lighter clean effect.

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