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A tasteful example of a Bay Window VW Camper Van restored interior.

If you are considering refurbishing your VW Camper Van Interior then you will probably know that this is going to prove to be the most expensive and biggest job so far.

You will need to decide on a budget and stick to it, as well as the budget you need to decide on whether you want to just use original parts or if you want to have some custom work carried out on your VW Camper Van Interior.

If you are on a very tight budget then you can scour online sites such as eBay for used VW Camper Van Interiors or Parts so that you can kit out your van for less than having to pay full price for everything. Sometimes other people have done all the hard work so you can simply purchase a used interior and fit it and the hard work has been done.

If you want to carry out a lot of the work yourself then you can find everything you need in our listings at the bottom of this page, we have done all of the hard work to find the parts that you may find useful. The good thing about VW Camper Vans is their popularity so it makes it easier to find parts online at great prices. Before you start you may want to purchase a VW Camper Van Book that could give you tips, guides and even inspiration.

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If however, you want to go all out then you can go all out and have a Custom VW Camper Van Interior made especially to your specification. This can range anywhere from around £300 plus. You can discuss your needs with one of the main VW Camper Van Interior companies such as Camper Shak in the UK.