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VW Camper Van Exhausts

A custom exhuast fabricated on a Split Screen VW Camper Van made by RS Fabrications.

As you can imagine, it is going to be very hard to find an original VW Camper Van Exhaust nowadays, especially for the Split Screen Vans that were produced pre 1970 as they will have mostly rotted, been replaced or just generally worn.

The standard fit VW Camper Van Exhaust really depends on the age of vehicle. Split Screen and a large percentage of the Bay Window models used Beetle engines so they would use similar exhaust systems. The newer buses from the seventies had a larger, faster engine which used the same exhaust system, no matter what the size of the engine.

When the later T25 VW Camper Vans were produced, they were fitted with Water Cooled Engines which needed a much more complicated Exhaust System.

If you do go down the option of a non-standard exhaust you will have to think about a few things such as ground clearance of your vehicle, style, sound and shape. You also then need to choose a header that work with your engine, this is the pipework that joins your aftermarket exhaust system to your inlet manifold.