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A standard 1600cc Single Barrel VW Engine that produces 47BHP

The Volkswagen Camper Van started off with a 1100cc air cooled, flat four engine from VW that produced around 24BHP and was the standard engine in Split Screen Vans. In 1953 this was upgraded to a 1200cc engine which produced around 30BHP.

In 1967 when the Bay Window VW Camper Van was released it was given a generous 1600cc engine with much more powerful 47BHP and it was still air cooled. When 1971 came around VW made changes to the chassis to give a bigger engine compartment to fit larger engines that were 1.7 to 2.0 and taken from the Volkswagen Type 4 Saloon Car. The 2000cc engine gave a massive 70bhp which was nearly 3 times as powerful as the original 1100cc engine in the Splitties.

As well as the original engines being fitted, there are many different VW Camper Engine Conversions that can be carried out, some are quite straight forward but a lot of them you will need to seek help froma mechanic (if you are not a mechanic yourself, that is!)

Some people have done some CRAZY engine conversions and have fitted engines from Subaru Imprezas, Porsche 911 Turbos for speed whereas others have fitted TDi engines from the VAG group for reliability and economy.

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