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An SSP Front Disc Conversion that consists of calipers, discs, bolts, pads, hoses, wheel bearings and seals.

Up until around the start of the 1970’s all VW Camper Vans had drum brakes all round as standard and from 1971 onward they were given disc brakes at the front but the drums remained at the back.

The drum brakes are made up of a hollow drum at the back of a wheel with brake shoes with a curve that are positioned inside of the drum. When the brake pedal is pushed, the shoes touch the drum’s wall and the friction caused by this will slow the vehicle down.

VW Camper Van Disc Brakes have a thin disc instead of the drum and a calliper that is placed on the edge of the disc. When the brakes are applied the calliper squeezes the brake pads towards each other, clamping on the disc which in turn slows the VW Camper Van down.

If you want to improve the performance of your VW Camper Van Brakes then you can look into Aftermarket Braking or Brake Conversions. Brake Conversions are kits that usually include everything you need to upgrade your brakes to Disc Brakes at the front and rear to get the best brake performance possible. The standard brakes will require quite a lot of "pumping" of the brake pedal but Brake Conversions decrease the stopping time of your VW Camper Van dramatically which is great for both safety and performance.

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