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The Little Book of Camper Van by Charlotte Morgan and Stan Fowler is one of the most highly rated VW Camper Van Books available at the minute

If you are looking to buy a VW Camper Van we highly recommend that you do your research first and the best way to do this is to purchase a specialised book.

One of the most popular books available is The Little Book of Camper Van, which literally is a little hardback book of around 6 inches square.

Although it is small, it is also highly detailed and contains lots of images of VW Camper Vans dating from in the factory being made to VW Camper Conversions and shows and rallies from around the world. This book is ideal for somebody looking for the basic information about VW Camper Vans.

If you are looking for a book that is slightly more detailed then there is the VW Camper Inspirational Interiors: Bespoke and Custom Interior Designs book which is an amazing book which is full of ideas for restoring your VW Camper Van.

It is packed full of photos and tips on how to restore your interior to exactly how you want it to be. It has case studied of different projects that are using different budgets from very small budgets to people who blast all of their hard earned on their Van. Whatever your taste, there will be something that will inspire you and make you want to get the toolkit out and work on your cherished VW Camper Van.

If you know the exact name of the book you are looking for then you can try and find a great deal on it by using the search function on the left hand side of the website, this will scour the internet for the best offers for you! If you just want to browse through a list of VW Camper Van Books then you can find a full listing here on Amazon.

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