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VW Camper Van Body Panels

Split Screen VW Camper bumpers that are available from The Riviera Roof Company in the UK

If you have purchased a VW Camper Van that you plan to restore, or if you have been unlucky enough to have a bump in your beloved van then you may well need to buy VW Camper Body Panels to carry out repairs.

As with any vehicle you can purchase replacement bumpers, bonnets and boot lids but as the VW Camper Van is a slightly different shape and size to the standard every day car so the panels are hugely different.

There are over 30 body panels used to build up the complete van, from a lower front panel to a rear bumper you can buy new panels that are often ready to paint.

When purchasing a bus to restore you may find that some of the lower outside panels and wheel arches will have a large build up of rust. Sometimes you can have this removed but if you want a much better finish and a lower chance of rust retuning then you are much better off simply getting the panel replaced completely.

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