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Bay Window VW Camper Van

A great example of an original Bay Windowed VW Camper Van

Bay Window Volkswagen Camper Vans are about the closest thing to indestructable as Volkswagen ever went when it came to Camper Vans but needless to say, things can sometimes go wrong and with the Bay Window Campers it tends to be the steering.

Some people don't actually realise that Bay Window VW Camper Vans were actually produced in Germany until 1980 and in the 30 years since they were first produced things in the camping world had changed and so had people's needs.

The market for a Bay Windowed Camper Van is huge and because of this, there is also a market for pre modified or restored vans for people who don't have time to do this themselves. If you are looking to purchase a pre modified or restored Bay Windowed van then you need to inspect is closely as it can cause issues in the future.

The main thing to look out for if you are looking for a VW Camper Van to drive straight away is rust. It is very common all around the bottom 6 inches as well as on the chassis box sections. Also make sure that you check the engine for leaks as something as little as an oil leak near the gearbox could be a job that needs the engine taking out, which is costly if you are not a mechanic.

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